Christine Solloway


Welcome to Wordbird Communications.  I'm Chris Solloway, a freelance communications consultant and writer.

I offer sound advice, effective PR strategies and practical communications solutions that really resonate with the people you need them to.

And words are my stock in trade and my strength, so of course I also produce great copy.


Wordbird is a flexible resource. I can work on a solo basis or as part of your in-house or agency team. 

My experience spans a range of communication disciplines and types of clients - from charities and small companies to major European businesses and consumer brands.  I have a particularly strong background in business to business PR and the food, drink and grocery industries. 

Public relations

Online, in print or over the air, targeted and regular PR is a powerful and cost-effective way to get your messages across.


Your people are your most valuable asset.  Keep them engaged, informed and motivated with a strong flow of information and a good feedback process.

content and copy

We live in a media age.  With so many ways to reach your audiences, there's never been more need for powerful prose.

Corporate communications

A rounded communications strategy helps keep all your key stakeholders informed and on side - and ensures that you can cope effectively with unexpected issues.

social responsibility

Responsible behaviour can be complex to achieve but delivers multiple benefits - for organisations, people and the planet.  To optimise the value of your CSR investment, make sure you are effectively communicating what you believe and what you're doing about it.

  • media relations

  • social NETWORKING







I have over 25 years' experience in business to business, corporate and internal communications and social responsibility (CSR) programmes.  I work with my clients to develop practical, targeted communication strategies and then create strategies for implementing them.  My aim is to build understanding, improve culture and boost the success of the organisations I work with.

Read some endorsements of my work on my LinkedIn page.

Recent clients include:

Bigfish brand/JCS Fish

CAMPFIRE Communications

Grandma Wild's

Intersnack Group

KP Snacks



Wild Card PR

Young’s Seafood


Sample my work


KP Snacks

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